Matt Robertson is a south coast British artist living in west coast Canada. His last 3 studio albums have concentrated on blending the minimal concepts of ambient and techno with a larger orchestral scale, often adding old pianos and cell phone field recordings mutated into percussion sounds.

He works extensively as a musical director for artists such as Björk, Arca, and Anohni, most recently designing the musical playground for Arca’s Mutant;Faith shows at The Shed in New York, and MD’ing for Ellie Goulding’s streaming show from the V&A museum in London.

He has performed at festivals in Europe, North America and Asia, and you can hear his work on several film scores including ‘Steve Jobs’ for composer Daniel Pemberton and ‘The Hunt’ and ‘American Assasin’ for composer Steven Price. He scored the film ‘The New Corporation’ , released in Sep 2020

Growing up in a family listening to a healthy mixture of Jean-Michel Jarre and Jimmy Smith, Matt graduated from University of Surrey and began working at recording studios in London as a technician and session musician, learning how to fix, and later build, some of his own synths. Sessions at that time included work with The Streets, The Prodigy and Lamb, and later, orchestral arrangements for Dido and Bat for Lashes. Recent production work has included the Grammy nominated ‘Land of Gold’ for Anoushka Shankar, and synths on the Louise Burns release ‘Portraits’. 2018 saw the release of his third album Entology, from which a track was licenced for the Netflix show ‘The Innocents’.