Post Truth

I stumbled on this idea of using a 5/16ths bass part against a 4 beat to create the illusion of a straight 4, even though its not really there. The lead sounds are from Lyra and Bass Station ii through El Capistan delay and Cooper FX Generation Loss, which is a great pedal that makes things sound like they are from an 80 VHS tape. CV sequencing for the modular is from the Analog Keys, and beats are from RYTM.


From the album ‘Enveleau’ here is Bees. The midi controller is made my Yaeltex and I have a script for Ableton running that allows me make loops with the four buttons along the top. The first Juno part and the MS20 bass part are looped like this.

Salt Core

There’s just about 45 years between the oldest and newest gear in this one! Here’s the track Salt Core from my album Entology. Minimoogs are great for bass, but I love them for these broken lead sounds too.


This is the track Habitat from my record “In Echelon”, using Elektron Analog Four for the Bass CV to Modular synth, which is a Make Noise DPO into a pair of filters from Analogue Systems and Manhattan Analog, and also the arp at the start, which I record into a loop pedal so it can play through the track. Elektron RYTM doing the beats, and the fabulous Novation Bass Station ii doing the lead sound. All mixed through the Play Model 1 which adds some glue and drive. Send FX to Strymon El Capistan and Eventide Space


Here’s a version of the track Urdu from my record In Echelon. Beats from the Elektron Analog RYTM, bass from Elektron Analog Four, lead from Novation Bass Station ii, modular bleeps from Make noise DPO, and mixed through a PLAY Model 1 mixer 🙂


Here’s a version of the track “Hold” from my album “In Echelon” using Elektron RYTM, Elektron Analog Four, a modular synth and the Play Differently Model 1 mixer 🙂

Ambient Jam – Enveleau

Here’s a jam that turned into the track Enveleau from my upcoming album to be released April 2021. Using the Yamaha VSS30, SOMA Lyra 8, Bass Station ii, Elektron RYTM and Yaeltex custom midi controller which is running an Ableton script for looping and levels / sends. The Bass Station ii is playing a looped envelope which creates the bass part, and the Lyra is running through an Eventide Space pedal.


Here’s a video of a jam / live version of my track Pulse from the album “Entology”. I used the Elektron Analog Four, Elektron RYTM, modular synth and a custom midi controller from Yaeltex mapped to Ableton Live. Also featuring the always amazing little Yamaha VSS30 sampling keyboard, running through the Strymon El capistan pedal!

I’m using the CV channel of the Analog Four to play a sequence into the modular, and then an internal channel to play the bass part.

You can find the album here