Here’s a version of the track Urdu from my record In Echelon. Beats from the Elektron Analog RYTM, bass from Elektron Analog Four, lead from Novation Bass Station ii, modular bleeps from Make noise DPO, and mixed through a PLAY Model 1 mixer 🙂


Here’s a version of the track “Hold” from my album “In Echelon” using Elektron RYTM, Elektron Analog Four, a modular synth and the Play Differently Model 1 mixer 🙂

Ambient Jam – Enveleau

Here’s a jam that turned into the track Enveleau from my upcoming album to be released April 2021. Using the Yamaha VSS30, SOMA Lyra 8, Bass Station ii, Elektron RYTM and Yaeltex custom midi controller which is running an Ableton script for looping and levels / sends. The Bass Station ii is playing a looped envelope which creates the bass part, and the Lyra is running through an Eventide Space pedal.


Here’s a video of a jam / live version of my track Pulse from the album “Entology”. I used the Elektron Analog Four, Elektron RYTM, modular synth and a custom midi controller from Yaeltex mapped to Ableton Live. Also featuring the always amazing little Yamaha VSS30 sampling keyboard, running through the Strymon El capistan pedal!

I’m using the CV channel of the Analog Four to play a sequence into the modular, and then an internal channel to play the bass part.

You can find the album here

Reactable – Hold

Here is a version of my tune “Hold” from an album I will have coming out this year – performed on the rather wonderful Reactable!

An Evening for Synth Enthusiasts!

It was great to play for Matt Derbyshire’s synth geek night with Novation in London – and listen to a really interesting interview with Andy Votel of Finders Keepers about some rare early synth records and what became of their makers!


Asics – Better your Best

Here’s some music of mine on an Asics TV ad, shot in Iceland 🙂 We recorded the drums at Soundtree in London, and then I added a bunch of modular stuff, mainly from the then new DPO from Make Noise

Reactable and Samplr

I had a chance to get back into the Reactable recently, and also the iPad app Samplr. Here’s a little tune: