Arca / Oliver Coates

(2021) – Dior fashion show – Musical Direction and arrangements

Björk Harpa Strings Concert

(2021) Score preparation

Manu Delago – Environ Me

(2021) Co-Production, Mix and Synths


(2021) Additional Programming for Alex Heffes

Anoushka Shankar – Love Letters

(2020) Mix Engineer

Ellie Goulding

Brightest Blue Experience – (2020) Musical Director

The New Corporation

(2020) Composer


(2020) Additional Synths for Steven Price

Chrissie Hynde – Valve Bone Woe

(2019) Keyboards / Programming

Manu Delago – Circadian

(2019) Remix

Anoushka Shankar – Those Words

(2019) EP Mix Engineer

Arca – Mutant; Faith

(2019) Musical Director, System Designer

January Thompson – Kintsugi

(2019) Production and Mix

Louise Burns – Portraits

(2019) Programmer – Modular Synths

Manu Delago – Parasol Peak

(2018) Mix

Björk – Utopia Live

(2018) Musical Director


(2018) Programming for Andrew Lockington

American Assassin

(2017) Programming for Steven Price

Manu Delago “Metromonk”

(2017) Co-Production and Mix


(2016) Additional Song Production

Björk Vulnicura Orchestral Shows

(2016-17) Musical Director

“Suicide Squad”

(2016) Electronics for Steven Price


(2016) Musical Director

Anoushka Shankar “Land of Gold”

(2016) Co-Production

The Cinematic Orchestra Live

(2015) Musical Director

“The Hunt”

(2015) Production / remix for Episode 7 music with Steven Price

“Steve Jobs”

(2015) Analogue Synths for Daniel Pemberton

Manu Delago – “Silver Kobalt”

(2015) Production and Mix

Björk – Vulnicura Live

(2015) Musical Director

Russel Brand

(2014) Pied Piper at the Royal Albert Hall – Piano/Keys


AV Installation with Darvish Fakhr at EOA Projects, London

“Life to Everything” Phronesis

(2014) Engineer

“Biophilia Live” Björk

(2014) Keyboards and Musical Director

“Better your Best” Asics ad

(2013) Composition

“Tookah” Emiliana Torrini

(2013) Oberheim Synths

“Escape Plan”

(2013) Synth Programming

“Protagonist” Slowly Rolling Camera

(2013) Modular synths

“The Worlds End”

(2013) modular synths for Steve Price

“Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel” Cibelle

(2010) Mandolins, Piano, Synths for Damian Taylor

“Bigger than Home” Manu Delago

(2013) Production and Mix

“Biophilia” Bjork

(2011-2013) Musical Director and choir arrangements for world tour


(2012) Synth programming for Alex Heffes

“Manuscripts” Manu Delago

(2012) Production / Mix

“Yatra” Ivo Neame

(2012) Co-produced with Ivo Neame

Gabby Young “We’re all in this together”

(2011) Rhodes / Organ

Wrath of the Titans

(2011) Programming

13 Clocks

(2011) Programming for Mike Reed


(2011) Original Score

Sucker Punch

(2011) Arrangements and Orchestrations for Marius de Vries

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

(2010) editing for David Arnold

Inside Job

(2010) Programming for Alex Heffes

Kick Ass

(2010) Programming and Guitars for Marius de Vries. Co-produced “Bad Reputation”

Bat for Lashes

(2010) String Quartet arrangements for Live shows

Pet Shop Boys

(2010) Orchestration for Christmas EP

“Caught in the Light of Day” Ivo Neame

(2010) Recording / Mix Engineer

“Alive” Phronesis

(2010) Recording Engineer

“Nobody Home” The Mummers

(2010) Engineer

“Matilda” Stateless

(2009) Instrumental work for Damian Taylor

“Earth and Stars” Kelly Malone

(2009) Production with Mike Reed

“Grey Britain” Gallows

(2009) Orchestration and Pianos

State of Play

(2008) Programming for Alex Heffes

Quantum of Solace

(2008) Music Editing for David Arnold

City of Ember

(2008) Programming for Andrew Lockington

Little Britain

(2008) Mandolins for David Arnold

Wild Child

(2008) Programming for Michael Price

One Week

(2008) Programming for Andrew Lockington

“Volta” Bjork

(2008) Brass arrangements for world tour

Bat for Lashes

(2007) Brass arrangements for Live shows

“Safe Trip Home” Dido

(2007) Orchestrations with Jon Brion

Maksim Mrvica

(2006) Orchestration

Hot Fuzz

(2006) Programming for David Arnold and Michael Price

Casino Royale

(2006) Demo Programming and Music editing for David Arnold

“Always outnumbered, never Outgunned” The Prodigy

(2004) Guitars and programming

“Between Darkness and Wonder” Lamb

(2003) Bass and engineering